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How to Apply for Membership

Please click here to download our membership information and application form.

  1. Check below to ensure that you meet our membership requirements
  2. Obtain sponsorship from an existing member; if you do not know one, please contact a member of the Board for help - our contact information can be found on the "contact us EPCM Executive" section of this website
  3. Complete and sign page 3 of the application form
  4. Submit your application with a cheque made out to the Estate Planning Council of Mississauga for $450 ($100 initiation and $350 annual dues) to:

    Kevin Wong, CA
    Treasurer, Estate Planning Council of Mississauga
    c/o MDP LLP
    Suite 200 - 610 Chartwell Road
    Oakville, Ontario L6J 4A5
  5. Your application will be reviewed by the Board. We will process it as quickly as possible and notify you of our decision by E-mail. If you are successful we will add your listing to the membership section of our website. If you are unsuccessful we will return your cheque un-cashed.

Membership Eligibility

  1. Live or work in Mississauga
  2. Have 5 years or more of professional experience relevant to estate planning and administration
  3. Supply an E-mail address that we can use to communicate with you on an ongoing basis
  4. Meet one of the following sets of category-specific requirements:
Category Member in Good Standing of Designation Other Requirements
Accountant ICAO or CGAO or CMAO CA or CGA or CMA -
Financial Advisor/Planner Advocis or CIFPs or IAFP CFP or RFP or CFA -
Gift Planner CAGP - A full time employee of a registered Canadian charity who is actively engaged in gift planning.
Insurance Advisor Advocis and/or The Institute CLU, or CH.F.C. -
Lawyer Law Society of Upper Canada -
Trust Professional - - A full time employee practicing estate planning and/or estate administration with a trust company, chartered bank or credit union registered in Canada or Ontario
Other - - Specific qualifications, knowledge or experience which the Board considers will contribute towards the advancement and development of the objects of the Council

Ultimate discretion as to whether an applicant is admitted to membership rests with the Board of Directors, which will endeavour to keep an appropriate professional balance by limiting the number of memberships available in total, in each membership category, and for members of any one company, firm or association. EPCM membership is currently limited to 100 regular members in total, of whom no more than six can be from the same firm, with no more than three members from the same firm in any one membership category. Once admitted, regular members will be expected to attend at least four meetings a year.

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